About Us

When you go vegan, many ask one question: Where are you going to get your protein? Mike’s Vegan Fudge answers the question. The ubiquitous question combined with creative energy brought forth Mike's Vegan Fudge. It is a rich, healthy chocolate premium protein product. It reminds you of the fudge your grandma made but it is definitely not her recipe. There is no added sugar only maple syrup. It is soy free and gluten free and non GMO. Customers find it goes well in smoothies, spreads on pancakes, and warms up for a hot fudge topping. Mike’s Vegan Fudge has five ingredients and is made to eat not to last. It is a great fuel source for your body because it is fudge made the natural way. How will you eat your fudge?

Mike's Vegan Fudge has shipped across the United States, US Territories, and Canada! Most recently it has been test marketed in South  America. It is a very exciting time and as we expand.

About the owner: Michael Jones is a former teacher and coach. He says making Mike’s Vegan Fudge was the best accident that ever happened in his kitchen. He is celebrating year 7 as a vegan and enjoys creating healthy versions of decadent indulgences. “I had quite a sweet tooth but I am fortunate I was always involved in athletics and my body handled sweets well.” Since crossing over the 50 benchmark, Mike has taken even better care of his body and has become active in social media groups sharing his journey.  Check out the fudge chronicles in the site blog. 

Join the team: Want to learn how we make fudge the natural way? Want to add a niche product to your menu or distribution? Thinking about investing in a ground floor business? Contact us: we are open for business conversations. 888-288-8490 ext 1